UMSL Discovery Initiative

 The UMSL Discovery Initiative is a program designed to reconnect and reengage with UMSL Alumni. Here at UMSL we strive to provide excellent learning experiences and leadership opportunities for a diverse student body. We know that each student’s experience at UMSL is unique and filled with challenges and opportunities. To help us provide direction for the next fifty years we are asking alumni to tell us their story. 

Through this project, current UMSL undergraduate students will be contacting alumni and setting up a 30-minute in-person interview to hear their story. This program involves a dialogue between students and alumni that will allow us to learn from our alumni's experiences at UMSL, their path in life since they left campus, and the critical skills that led to success in their career. 

The UMSL Discovery Initiative will benefit the university by providing real life stories to support improving the programs and services we offer. We strongly believe that the students involved in this project will be rewarded with enhancing their skills in communication, networking, and alumni engagement.