Alumni Reunions  

UMSL reunions are legendary.  So you have an interest in organizing a get-together with your UMSL friends, some of whom you haven’t seen or talked to in quite some time? Great! How do you find out where they are living now? How do you get in touch with them? When and where do you hold the reunion? What kinds of events and activities should be planned? How do you make sure that there is a good turnout? How do you begin and what do you need to do?  These are frequently asked questions of individuals and groups who are interested in organizing an UMSL alumni reunion.

This website has been shaped to answer some of these questions and provide a path for reunion organizers, like you, to follow.  What better way to spend a weekend than reuniting with former college classmates?  The UMSL Alumni Engagement Office  can  assist you in planning a reunion, large or small. Or, if you still keep in touch with fellow classmates, we can help plan your next social outing  — including events during Homecoming weekend.  No matter the occasion, we want to help strengthen your bond to UMSL, ignite your Triton spirit and rejuvenate your alumni pride. Let’s get started. 


Attend a Reunion
Find out what great alumni are getting together this year. 
Plan a Reunion

Get the old band back together, literally. Take the lead in reconnecting with your classmates.