UMSL Alumni Association



We believe UMSL alumni represent the past, present and future of what UMSL is all about. 

  • Our alumni help create UMSL’s reputation. 
  • Our alumni keep UMSL competitive and guarantee it remains a university that is the right place at the right time for present and future generations of alumni. 
  • Our alumni are the key to our future success because they invest their time, talent and philanthropy. 
  • Our alumni are our greatest advocates. 

UMSL alumni are the heart of our future. 



Our Purpose

The purpose of the UMSL Alumni Association is to advance the mission, best interests and welfare of the University of Missouri-St. Louis and its alumni by engaging all alumni in the life of UMSL through a variety of programs, services and volunteer opportunities.

You belong.

You earned the privilege.

Beginning July 1, 2015, all alumni, by virtue of their UMSL degrees, are members of the UMSL Alumni Association.

Alumni Amenities

UMSL alumni may enjoy a number of amenities through special access opportunities and discounts.  For alumni living in the St. Louis metropolitan region, there are a host of campus amenities for you to enjoy. For alumni living farther away from campus, you have access to a number of benefits exclusive to your UMSL Alumni Association membership.

Who are UMSL Alumni?
UMSL Alumni span the globe making a difference in their communities. Find out where we are and what we are up to.  

Alumni Association Leadership
Learn more about our Alumni Association President and Board of Directors.