UMSL on LinkedIn

Join the UMSL Alumni group on LinkedIn today. Over 30,000 UMSL alumni use LinkedIn to network, find jobs and recruit Tritons just like you. Join the UMSL LinkedIn Alumni Group and network with other UMSL alumni. You can explore the career paths of leaders in your field, search for job openings, connect with UMSL alumni at companies that interest you, be recruited by UMSL alumni looking to hire fellow alumni and much more. 

UMSL | ASK is quite simply a place for Alumni to Share Knowledge. We wanted to make it easy for UMSL students to reach out to established alumni for career guidance and exploration, as well as for our grads to network with each other. The UMSL | ASK community highlights our strong connections and willingness to help each other out. 

UMSL Alumni Group
The UMSL Alumni LinkedIn group was created to help UMSL alumni network. Members can contact each other, share ideas and services and post employment opportunities for other Tritons. To join this group, you must be an UMSL alumnus or UMSL Alumni Association member.

LinkedIn Resources
LinkedIn, with more than 313 million professionals, is an essential tool to help network and find your next job. Here are a few links to help you develop your professional brand and explore opportunities and best practices on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Profile Checklist- Make sure your profile has everything it needs to help you network and attract employers and recruiters.

How to Find a Job using LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Students- this page is full of resources to help out everyone, not just students, master LinkedIn

UMSL University Page- use the University page to explore the careers of over 37,000 UMSL alumni on LinkedIn by industry, company,