Teresa's Career Corner

2016 Take-Aways







Evaluating where you have been helps map out where you can go!  Determining the things that best served you in the past can assist in reaching our future goals. Let’s highlight just a few take-aways from 2016’s blog to help us move forward in our job search and career:

January:  Resolutions for 2016
From Old French resolution we get "a breaking into parts" and directly from Latin resolutionem (nominative resolutio) we get "process of reducing things into simpler forms." To find success, step back to the origin of the word and break it down to simplify your search.

March:  Spring Ahead…Adjusting Your Job Search Clock

Stay focused, Pay attention to your surroundings, Reposition yourself, Intensify your approach, Network, Get support. SPRING Ahead in Your Career with Success!

May:  Branding the Product…You!
The very key components of launching a product are indeed the same components that can launch a career. Ultimately, you are branding the product to sell to potential customers. Taking this approach to launching your most prized product—you!—should help you land the next step in your career!

June:  Determining Your Worth
Research a fair salary, act professionally, and be respectful and reasonable! Make your negotiation outcome reflect your worth!

July:  Red, White & Blue of Your Job Search
There are numerous connections we can make of July 4th and your job search. Take the time, get motivated, and break yourself free of negative energy. Take a positive, enthusiastic approach and hopefully you will be closer to landing a position that warrants an explosive celebration!

October:  Keeping it Real
When we hear the word “personal” in the context of job search, there is a negative connotation. We must stay professional. I challenge you to find a way to stay professional in your search while accepting your authentic self. I take that challenge even further by encouraging you to stay true to your authentic self while branding, networking, and interviewing!

November:  Back To Basics
Ultimately, staying grounded in your search will help you keep the momentum, increase your confidence, and lead to professional success.

Here’s to 2016!  Happy Holidays!

Teresa Balestreri, MEd, 1992
Director, Career Services
University of Missouri-St. Louis