Teresa's Career Corner

Do You Love Your Job?







We typically spend more time at work than any other one place. With that being said, shouldn’t we love our job? Shouldn’t we want happiness and satisfaction at work?

Job satisfaction is ultimately the level of contentment you feel about your work. Take time this month to determine if you are indeed satisfied.  

Keep in mind:

  • Measuring job satisfaction can be challenging, as the very definition will be different from person to person.

  • Job satisfaction can be influenced by many things, including:
    • The level of communication within your organization
    • The manner in which management treats employees
    • The relationship between you and your supervisor
    • The relationship between you and your subordinates

  • Key satisfaction aspects cited by employees include:
    • Respect
    • Trust
    • Security
    • Healthy Environment
    • Career Path
    • Pay and Benefits

Now it’s time to determine if YOU are satisfied! If you are, then you are in good shape. If you are not, then it’s time to do something.  

I’ve always said that by first knowing yourself, you are strengthening your ability to determine your options.  

So, take that first step (again or for the first time!) to know yourself!  Re-evaluate your interests, skills, values, and personality traits by:

  • Tapping into FOCUS2, an on-line career resource that can assist you with this process. 

Gain advice from career-related webinars, on-line forums, and job leads by:

You deserve to be happy and love your job!  Take the time you need for yourself to feel more satisfied!

Teresa Balestreri, MEd, 1992
Director, Career Services
University of Missouri-St. Louis