UMSL Alumni MSS Tutors Program

UMSL's Office of Multicultural Student Services creates a strong inclusive community amongst students, faculty, and staff that personifies respect, accountability and acceptance, while supporting and empowering students to achieve degree completion. MSS provides comprehensive support services to meet the unique needs of a diverse student population that will:

  • foster a sense of belonging and academic achievement
  • promote student accountability, self-development and goal setting
  • provide networking opportunities with the internal and external campus community
  • facilitate cultural awareness/diversity activities for the campus community.

The goals of the Multicultural Student Services include:

  • impacting student learning and development
  • promoting student engagement
  • facilitating persistence
  • cultivating student success
  • creating cultural awareness and acceptance

The MSS Tutoring Program

Multicultural Student Services offers a wide array of services to students - one component is the tutoring program. The department provides individual and group tutoring to enrolled UMSL students to promote persistence that will lead to degree attainment. The purpose of the tutoring program is to support students who seek additional support to successfully complete course assignments and/or exams proficiently. In addition, comprehensive academic coaching is available to provide additional support. Overall, the goal of the tutoring program is to assist students with successfully completing a course as well as obtaining higher scores in specific subject matters.

Tutors are needed from a wide array of academic disciplines representing various majors on campus:

  • Accounting
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Communications
  • Criminology
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Foreign Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
The Multicultural Student Services tutoring component provides free tutoring services to all students who express interest in receiving comprehensive academic support services. Each student is provided up to five hours of tutoring a week for each course requested.

Tutor Training At the beginning of each semester, all tutors undergo a comprehensive tutor training session highlighting various study skills techniques (time-management, memory skills, note-taking skills) as well as learning  personality style assessments which focus on developing strategies to be utilized during conducted tutoring sessions.

Critical Need for Tutors

Due to the increasing demand for tutoring services through Multicultural Student Services, one of the biggest challenges faced by the department is inconsistency to retain student tutors due to graduation or internships. This impacts the amount of student tutors who have taken upper level courses for which tutoring has been requested. This often times results in delayed placement for the subsequent semester.

To apply for the volunteer UMSL Alumni Tutors program, please complete the on-line application.

Fall 2016 Tutor Requests

The following list represents courses that had the highest demands for tutors. 

Analytical Geometry and Calculus I - Math 1800
Analytical Geometry and Calculus II - Math 1900
Analytical Geometry and Calculus III - Math 2000
Special Topics in Anthropology - Anthro 1091
Cultural Geography - Geog 2001
General Geology - Geol 1001
A Pathway to Critical Thinking - Math 1023
Pathophysiology - Nurse 3110
Clinical Problems of Childhood - Psych 3340
Urban Sociology - Soc 2202
Sociological Theory - Soc 3210
College Algebra - Math 1030
Statistics - Business, Elementary, Psychology, Criminology
General Psychology - Psych 1003
Chemistry for the Health Professional - Chem 1052
First Year Writing - ENG 1100
Physics, Mechanics, and Heat - Physics 2111
Trigonometry - Math 1035
Basic Calculus - Math 1100
Introduction to Chemistry I - Chemistry 1111
Introduction to Chemistry II - Chemistry 1121
Principles of Microeconomics - Econ 1001
Contemporary Math - Math 1020
General Biology - Bio 1012
Organisms and the Environment - Biology 1821
Introduction to Spanish I - Spanish 1001
Introduction to Spanish II - Spanish 1002
Introduction to Spanish III - Spanish 2101

Tutoring Makes A Difference

Anticipated outcomes of students utilizing tutoring services include:

  • noticeable difference in attitude toward academics
  • increased time-management skills
  • higher grades in classes in which tutoring was requested
  • passing grades in classes in which tutoring was provided
  • increased retention rates as a result of receiving academic assistance.

To apply for the volunteer UMSL Alumni Tutors program, please complete the on-line application.