You belong. You earned the privilege.

Beginning July 1, 2015, all alumni, by virtue of their University of Missouri–St. Louis degrees, are  members of the UMSL Alumni Association.

You and over 90,000 UMSL alumni —

  • represent the past, present and future of what UMSL is all about.
  • help create and build UMSL’s reputation.
  • keep UMSL competitive and guarantee it remains a university that is the right place at the right time for present and future generations of alumni.




Activate Your UMSL Alumni Association Membership

To get started, click on the card to the left and follow the simple steps provided. Once you login to the UMSL Alumni online community, your exclusive UMSL Alumni Association membership card will populate with your name and unique alumni identification number.


Use Your Connections

The new UMSL Alumni Association links you to alumni around the world who share a deep pride for their alma mater. Use these connections to strengthen your personal network and advance UMSL’s reputation. The Assocition offers many ways to stay connected:


Share Your Talent and Expertise

The UMSL Alumni Association is a vibrant community reinventing itself to meet the needs of an ever-growing alumni population. We need our talented alumni to advocate, serve and lead. The volunteer opportunities are many:

Use Your UMSL Alumni Resources

Whether just starting out after graduation or assessing options along the way, career paths are always changing. Our UMSL Alumni career management resources assist alumni in all phases of their careers.  Visit our UMSL Alumni Career Management Community to

  • view free career webinars
  • search the alumni job board
  • access exclusive LinkedIn groups
  • develop your own career plan
  • access multiple online career resources

Be a Life-Long Learner

For UMSL Alumni, the opportunities to learn and satisfy their intellectual curiosity never end.

Make a Difference Where You Are

Whether near or far, you can be a positive voice for UMSL in sharing the latest news and information, raising the profile of the University in the workplace and supporting UMSL philanthropically.