UMSL Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

The UMSL Alumni Association is a vibrant community reinventing itself to meet the needs of an ever-growing alumni population. Talented alumni of all ages are needed to serve as volunteers through a number of initiatives. Dedicated alumni help UMSL build relationships and connections with fellow alumni and current students in purposeful and exciting ways. By staying informed and involved, UMSL alumni are inspired to support the University in a variety of ways and ensure its continued success. 

Our volunteer opportunities are listed below under the following categories:

  • Alumni Affinity Organizations (Chapters, Networks and Groups)
  • Alumni Engagement Opportunities
  • Student-Alumni Engagement Opportunities

Once you complete the form, we will connect you with the appropriate alumni engagement staff member and/or campus partner to get you involved. If you have ideas you do not see listed below, please describe your interest in the comment field. 

UMSL Alumni Engagement Opportunities
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Student-Alumni Engagement Opportunities
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