Alumni for Diversity in the Arts Network



Alumni for Diversity in the Arts (Ada) aims to expose students and alumni to a greater variety of artistic perspectives in the confluence of American culture. We celebrate art emerging from diverse cultures, aesthetics, and identities and value the interplay between social justice and, personal narrative, and artistic expression. Ada seeks to foster a sustaining network of students, alumni, and professionals with unique voices in the UMSL and broader communities. 


  • Diversify the kinds of writers and artists that UMSL alumni and students are exposed to
  • Foster sustainable professional relationships and provide opportunities for mentorship
  • Bring in emerging and established writers and artists from diverse backgrounds
  • Celebrate writing and artistic works of UMSL alumni and students
  • Establish a semiannual contest for alumni and students

Steering Committee

Brigitte Leschhorn, MFA 2013 – Chair

Jason Vasser, MFA 2014 – Director for Public Relations

Ron Austin, MFA 2011 – Director of Communications