The UMSL Alumni Leadership Council

The UMSL Alumni Leaders Council is an assembly of volunteer alumni leaders— including leaders of alumni affinity chapters, networks and groups that are officially recognized by the UMSL Alumni Association. Members of the UMSL Alumni Association Governing Board of Directors also serve as at-large members.  

The Council officially convenes once annually at the IGNITE! Alumni Leaders Conference in August to discuss issues, concerns, and projects that directly impact affinity organization group leaders and their members.  The goal of the annual conference is to bring alumni leaders together to share best practices and new ideas for engaging UMSL alumni.  

The activities of the Council are overseen by the UMSL Alumni Leadership Council Committee—a standing committee of the UMSL Alumni Association, which gives advice and guidance to UMSL alumni affinity organizations, plans the IGNITE! alumni leadership conference, and recognizes outstanding volunteer service.


Alumni Council Objectives

  • To provide an peer-to-peer forum for leaders of alumni affinity organizations to share best practices, develop knowledge about critical needs of alumni, and  brainstorm new and fresh ideas for engaging UMSL alumni.
  • To foster and expand key leadership qualities needed to lead alumni affinity organizations.
  • To assist with the identification and recruitment of future alumni affinity organizations leaders and members.


2016 - 2017 Alumni Leadership Council Members

The following individuals serve as members of our Alumni Leadership Council and represent the interests of alumni from their respective affinity organizations. The Alumni Leadership Council meets annually during the Alumni Leadership Conference in August.

Barbara W. Brown, OD

St .Louis, MO

OD Optometry '88

BA Chemistry '84

Affinity: Chemistry Alumni Network


Ryan Davis

St. Louis, MO

BSBA '12

Affinity: Business Alumni Chapter


Michael Goedeker

St. Louis, MO

BSEE '15

Affinity: Engineering Alumni Network



Holly Pope Carroll

St. Louis, MO 

BS Biology '08

BS Bio-Chem & Bio-Tech '08

Affinity:  Honors Alumni Network


Linda Brown Reed, Esq.

St. Louis, MO 

BA English '76

Affinity: Afri. - Amer.Alumni Chapter


Jim Schallom

St. Louis, MO 

MPPA '08 

Affinity: NPLM Alumni Network



Kimberly Van Camp

St. Louis, MO

MS Gerontology '13

Affinity: Gerontology Alumni Network


Matthew Wood

St. Louis, MO 

M.Acc '15

BSAcc '15

Affinity: Accounting Young Professionals

Lauren Carmack

St. Louis, MO

BSW '15

Affinity: Social Work Alumni Network