Mission and Vision

Office of Alumni Engagement and Community Relations

Our Vision

UMSL Alumni Engagement enables, promotes and nurtures a strong, proud and engaged community of lifelong relationships. 

Our Mission

UMSL Alumni Engagement enriches our alumni, students, faculty members, staff members and friends by cultivating a dynamic community of lifelong relationships.  This enrichment lays the foundation for a vibrant culture of philanthropy, partnership and collaboration, and impassioned advocacy for the vibrant present and future of the University of Missouri-Saint Louis. 

Strategics Themes

The Alumni Life Cycle 

Alumni engagement through life cycle interests focuses on a continuum of involvement with the university, beginning well before a student enrolls and extending through life, with programs and opportunities provided for all age groups and alumni located in diverse geographic regions. 

Partnership and Collaboration

Long term partnerships with alumni, campus colleagues and our community will foster constructive and meaningful relationships that deepen over time. 

Information and Communication 

Information, data management and analysis are critical success factors in determining and delivering high-value alumni programming and effective communications. Integrated marketing and communications utilizing multiple media platforms are vital in connecting with and engaging with alumni through all life cycle stages. 

Focus on Relationships 

In response to the ever-changing delivery of higher education and the departure from the traditional four-year experience upon which most universities have built alumni relations, we must deliberately place higher value on the individual and develop opportunities to foster and nurture individual relationships within and emanating from the university community. 

Inclusive Alumni Community

ŸWe are moving toward an inclusive community where all UMSL graduates are valued members of the UMSL Alumni Association simply by virtue of their UMSL degree. As partners, the University and the UMSL Alumni Association are working together to ensure sustainable resources are invested in alumni engagement to nurture and celebrate lifelong relationships that are mutually beneficial for the alumni and the University. 

Our Core Values


We strive for excellence in research and creative achievement and we maintain the highest academic standards, using multiple approaches to maximize the quality of the students’ learning experience.   


We respect the highest ethical standard in all aspects of the educational experience and work to foster respect, dignity, honesty and freedom in individuals’ academic, professional and civic lives. 


We value collaboration across our campus, throughout the community and the world as a positive means of resolving problems and building new knowledge. 


We value access to excellent education, engagement in cutting edge research and dedication to the University, community and professional service as a means to develop the future of our region, state, nation and world.


We value diversity among faculty, staff, students and alumni and recognize its essential contribution to campus culture. 


We value the financial, physical and human resources entrusted to us and exercise care in employing them. 

Our Unique Values


We recognize that what is best for our alumni is best for the university because our alumni are our future. 


In keeping with the meaning of the word “alumnus/a”, we are entrusted to nurture and foster those individuals who seek knowledge at this university. We believe our alumni are the cornerstone of the university and should be valued as critical to the success of the university. 


We appreciate the gifts of time, ideas and financial support our alumni provide for the university. 


We delight in the achievements of the university and her alumni. 


We acknowledge the diversity of needs and interests among our alumni and strive to engage them in personal and fulfilling ways. 


We recognize that the vitality of our university community is driven by open and honest organizational and interpersonal communication and information-sharing.